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Warrandyte House

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Houses - New
A new house in a bushland setting. Like many properties, this best aspect of this site was not to the north, making passive solar design more difficult. The main living areas of the house take advantage of south-facing views edge to native bushland beside the Yarra River whilst also opening to a north-facing courtyard cut into the slope.  There are two distinct building forms: the living areas are in a corrugated iron clad form with an embracing curved roof whilst the bedroom zone is a linear extrusion (an elongated pinwheel form) along a circulation spine with a hefty north-facing stone-clad wall for internal thermal mass. Environmental features 100% rainwater collection and reuse; greywater used for toilet flushing, waste water treatment for garden irrigation; solar hot water; passive solar design; zoned bedroom & living areas, internal thermal mass spine wall; north solar access to living areas; sunshading to north windows; east and west windows minimized; good cross ventilation; ceiling fans; hydronic heating; double glazing; timber window frames; evaporative cooling; bio paints; selection of appliances for energy efficiency
Energy rating

7 Star

Project Team

Ande Bunbury, Karen Abernethy


Overend Construction


Ande Bunbury

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