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Studio House

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Tiny Houses/Studios/Apartments, Houses - Renovation
Studio house is an extension and reconfiguration of an existing studio space attached to a house in a former industrial building. ABA added a second storey  bedroom wing over the existing studio and reformatted circulation and storage. Sliding panels were used as a theme throughout the new rooms serving multiple functions such as window block-out shutters and allowing adaptation of the spaces to display services or collections, and use the space in multiple different ways. The energy performance of the building was upgraded with stack ventilation and good cross-flow ventilation, double glazed windows and the addition of a large rooftop solar photovoltaic array. External shading is provided to windows via appropriately-sized eaves and adjustable folding arm blinds.
Energy rating

Double glazed thermally-broken windows, rooftop PV panels, stack ventilation, cross-ventilation, external shading

Project Team

Ande Bunbury, Karen Abernethy




Leigh Tilson


‘Designed to Last’, Renew Magazine issue 132

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