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Dawson St Childcare Co-op

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What began as a small extension to a single classroom and upgrades to bathrooms became a much larger project involving upgrading surfaces to all external play areas. At the same time major energy and water saving upgrades were implemented. One of the complexities of the original childcare centre was that the entry was located mid-way along the length of the building and visitors had to traverse through the front play areas to get to the reception area. Obviously this was not very safe as there was no screening of visitors before they could access the children, and only a single gate. One of the important things the design incorporated was a dedicated entry pathway alongside the edge of the outdoor play space. As it was a very long pathway it was articulated with different width, screening materials and places for parents to meet up and chat, store prams, pass one another, read noticeboards and watch their children play. One the inside the staggered walls suggest different play spaces within.
Energy rating

A variety of energy efficiency and equipment upgrades were added including solar air heaters to provide continuous ventilation to bathroom areas, solar hot water, and rainwater collection in tanks used for water play and garden watering. Good daylighting reduced the need for electricity and light fittings are all low energy. Windows are double glazed and fitted with appropriate external shading to prevent sun penetration during the warmer months.

Project Team

Ande Bunbury, Anna Womersley


Radin Construction


John Bodin

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