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Colour House

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Houses - Renovation
This colour-filled extension to a weatherboard bungalow in inner city Melbourne focuses on small & sustainable living. Spaces are articulated with different textures, aspect and lighting including a number of discrete outdoor spaces including a private rooftop deck. Recycled and reused materials are celebrated. The core idea for this project was that a small house, if well designed & functional, is a good house. Without increasing the footprint, it creates a new configuration of living areas in a more practical and functional space. This enables the garden areas to be maximised & an extra garden & outdoor area was added at roof level. Energy efficiency & sustainability were key principles, as were reusing & recycling old materials which has the added benefit of adding richness & texture.
Energy rating

Improved from 2.1 Stars to 6.3 Stars

Project Team

Ande Bunbury, Karen Abernethy, Rory Gardiner, James Wong


Sheringham Construction


Emma Cross


2014 Australian Living Green Interior Awards, Taubmans Residential category
2014 BPN Sustainability Awards, Single Dwelling (Alterations & Additions)


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