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3-in-1 House

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Houses - Renovation, Tiny Houses/Studios/Apartments
This job consisted of an upper storey extension to an existing Victorian cottage in inner-city Melbourne and a garage added to the side of the house to give privacy to the side garden. Despite being in a street with just about every style of housing, Council heritage requirements were really strict. The clients wanted their upper storey extension to be able to be used in a multitude of ways over time – initially the owner wished to move his photography business home and so the upper storey was designed around the size and functional reguirements to suit the photography business. Over time the upper storey may serve as semi-independent accommodation for their young adult child, or perhaps be able to be used for Airbnb. As well as the main studio room there is a bathroom, kitchenette and an alcove that can be curtained off as a bedroom. A lovely feature is the north-facing rooftop deck that provides separate private outdoor space and has views of significant local buildings whilst maintaining privacy for the occupants next door. The extension has been designed around sustainability principles with passive solar orientation and local and durable materials. Construction was simplified by using Australian-made prefabricated Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) wall and roof panels so the shell of the building was erected really quickly. Being an upper storey durability and low (no) maintenance was required for all external finishes. The house is carbon neutral with a 6.66kW on the extension roof designed for optimal solar energy collection but also to relate to the pitch of the heritage front roofs. All new services are electric, as is the new car but really the garage was designed as an external covered playspace (the back is open to the garden) and for good bicycle storage. A new external toilet tucked under the stairs adds to the ease of entertaining in the back garden and alleviates a shortcoming of the existing house. All projects by Ande Bunbury Architects have sustainability and energy efficiency at their core. This one is used prefabricated wall and floor panel and is all-electric with a large rooftop PV array and charging for an electric car
Energy rating

6.2 Stars without touching existing house

Project Team

Ande Bunbury, Maria Plancarte Fexas


Freshform Constructions


Ande Bunbury, Stavros Sakellaris


'Preserving History, Embracing Evolution' Foter Mag web magazine

‘3-in-1 House’ Architecture & Design web magazine

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