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  • Rooftop photovoltaic panels produce as much energy as we use

  • additional electricity purchased is 100% GreenPower 

  • gas used for heating is 100% offset by our gas retailer.

  • Good daylighting so lights not generally needed during working hours.

  • All LED lighting.


  • New equipment is selected for energy efficiency and longevity. 

  • Computers/printer set to go into standby if unused for 5 minutes​.

  • Turned off overnight 


Our commitment is to reduce in the first instance, and then what we do purchase has recycled content and/or is recyclable. 

  • We use pre-loved paper for drafts and internal office use (donations accepted!).

  • New paper has a minimum of 80% recycled content 

  • We refill (reuse) printer cartridges as many times as possible 

  •  Electronic transmittal of correspondence and drawings is used wherever possible 


Our cleaning service uses microfibre cloths and natural cleaning products such as bicarb soda and pure soap. 



  • Our office is located in Brunswick, 6 km from the CBD, so walking, bicycle and public transport are used 90% of the time. 

  • Most jobs are local

  • Bike hooks in the entry encourage staff & client bicycle use.

  • We have an electric car to travel to more distant sites.


Waste Management 

  • Separated recyclables and soft plastics collection

  • Food scraps are composted onsite and used on garden beds

  • Old equipment is onsold or donated or recycled through op-shops or schemes such as ByteBack for electrical goods.


  • 4000L rainwater tank used for garden watering

  • Low flow shower head and taps

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