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homes for a changing climate

modest architecture

Bigger is better is obviously wrong, especially when facing climate change. What we really need is smaller, and smarter. At Ande Bunbury Architects (ABA) we pride ourselves on doing the least building intervention necessary by retaining and reusing spaces as cleverly as possible, with the fewest possible materials, and designed to last. Flexible spaces that can be used in multiple ways, particularly as needs change over time.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that this means cheap. Good design still costs and any building work has labour and materials costs associated with it. This is why it is a good idea to plan small. What is the least that meets your needs? This will also be the most affordable and sustainable. Best for you and the planet.


ABA have been designing sustainable projects for over 20 years – way before if became trendy - so really know what we are talking about. Passive solar principles are in our DNA. We regularly build all-electric 8-10 star homes that produce more power than they use (net zero carbon construction). Homes that are adaptable, low maintenance and with minimal bills for utilities. 


We believe that buildings should effortlessly provide comfort for the occupants without consuming the earth’s resources. We love researching new things as what is ‘best practice’ keeps changing over time. Plus we have active minds and we’d get bored otherwise. There are always new materials, new construction techiniques, new tools for measuring the impact of our buildings. 


ABA clients want to see a better world. They want today's children to grow up in a safer climate, with access to fresh water and clean soil. They want tradies and other workers to have safe working conditions. They don’t want to support repressive governments or companies that have poor human rights or environmental records. They value community and reciprocity.


Regenerative design is about ensuring the built environment has a net positive impact on natural systems. We need to address the biodiversity crisis, the lack of housing affordability and acknowledge that a better future needs to be more holistic. We need to recognise and learn from our First Nations peoples as they already know this stuff.  ​

"Love everything you did for us – concept 3D layout, detailed design, permits, sourcing of materials and subcontractors. All while aiming at the highest energy rating within our budget. Above and beyond our expectations." 

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